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Best eCommerce Site Search at an Affordable Cost

Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 100,000+ Sites

1. Add fast search to your siteAdd fast, relevant search to your site

2. Boost conversion with site searchBoost conversion with product suggestion

3. Discover what users are looking forDiscover what users are looking for

No Coding-No Integration-No Maintenance

Engage your users with an Amazon-like search, that is already optimized to your site’s platform – at an affordable cost.

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Discover What Your Users Are Looking For -

To Serve Them Better

See what your users are finding on your site, and what they are not.

Promote relevant content or product to match what they are looking for.

Site Search Analytics

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   is using InstantSearch+ for Custom sites

    "InstantSearch+ is the best, easiest to implement and most cost effective auto search solution that we found to handle our 70K+ product catalog. The team is also incredibly responsive and helped us get our (custom) implementation up in short order. You won't be disappointed."

    Skip Tabor, CIO  JamestownDistributors

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  is using InstantSearch+ for Magento

    "They weren't kidding when they said the search is instant. There's no other way to search our 20,000 products faster than with InstantSearch+. This is the best and fastest search extension ever! "

    Danie Oberholzer,

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  is using Site Search for Wix

    "As a photographer, I have a huge image bank on my site. Site Search+ made it easy to search and buy my photos. And they have a kind and fast support too!"

    Aldridge Neto,

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  is using InstantSearch+ for Shopify

    “ Instant Search+ has provided us a search solution that our customers have called everything from "most incredibly useful search I've ever seen" to "rockin' awesome!" It turns search into a responsive, smart and engagement-enhancing interaction with our customers. That it does so as an easy-to-install app without need for coding is even more impressive. ”

    Kristian Chronister, CEO

Real Time Search-As-You-Type

Product Suggestions

Search as you typeSearch-as-you-type suggests

products, images, and prices

Promote specific productsPromote specific products 

based on what visitors type

Popular search suggestionsPopular searches suggestion

based on other people searches

Personalized resultsPersonalized results 

based on visitor’s history

Advanced word matchingAdvanced word matching, 

synonyms, and typo correction

Fastest cloud-based serviceReal time cloud-based 

amazingly fast instant results

Online InstantSearch Portal & Reports

Top search terms


Top Search Terms – 
what people are
looking for on your site

Top Product Suggestions


Top Product Suggestions – 
which products
were selected

Dashboard, analytics and reports


and /or weekly
email reports

Seamless Fit with Your Site

Simple drag and drop

Incredibly simple
to install – drag & drop



No coding No integration No Maintenance

No need for configuration
- all is automated

Incredibly Simple Site Search: No Coding, No Integration, No Maintenance

Customizable look and feel

Customizable look & Feel: color, size, font



Responsive design for desktop, tablet, and smartphone

Responsive design
for desktop, tablet,
and mobile