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    Farleysmarket.com is using Site Search for Wix

    "Farley's Market is an online marketplace with more than 2500 products.  Site Search+ has made searching our site a breeze. Our customers can zero in on the exact product they are looking for quickly which has increased our transaction count."

    Doug Reichel, Farleysmarket.com

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    JardinEssentiel.com is using Site Search for Wix

    "Jardin Essentiel is an online shop for Natural Products.  I installed Site Search+ on my website and had a question. They answered promptly and asked for feedback a couple of days later. Excellent Support. Keep up the good work!."

    Jessika Van Cauwenbergh, JardinEssentiel.com

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    Resgonline.com is using Site Search + for Wix

    "The Real Estate Services Guide is a popular destination site with the Austin, Texas Realtor community.  Site Search is simple to use and searches our master tables with ease. Awesome."

    James Barnes, Resgonline.com

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    Aldridge.fot.br is using Site Search for Wix

    "As a photographer, I have a huge image bank on my site. Site Search+ made it easy to search and buy my photos. And they have a kind and fast support too!"

    Aldridge Neto, Aldridge.fot.br

Features & Benefits


                          Fastest Search for Wix Sites

Site Search - Best Search App for Wix Sites

  • Delights your users with state-of-the-art search for your Wix site
  • Customizable to fit your site theme and layout with fonts and colors
  • Autocompletes and typo-corrects misspelled words within the search box

Help Users Find Your Image Galleries and Visuals

  • Helps people find tagged, named, or captioned images on your Wix site
  • Presents image results in a mosaic gallery view in the results window
  • Enhances product results with relevant images and prices

Attractive Search Resutls Pages for Wix Sites

Advanced eCommerce Features for Expert e-Tailers

  • Customizable results ranking for you to control which relevant results appear before others
  • “Contact Us” form to engage visitors in case that no results were found
  • Faceted search with filters to help user narrow down product results by price & attributes


Automatic Sync to Capture Content Changes

  • Updates quickly to capture content changes on your site
  • Search results will be automatically updated – no work required


  • Why can’t I see search results on my new site?
    Publish your site, and wait a few seconds until Site Search syncs. Look for the Sync Ready mark!
  • My site is already published. Why InstantSearch+ does not display results?
    Go to the Sync tab in the App Settings, and wait for the Ready Checkmark to appear. Then, go to the published site URL and refresh the page.
  • I added new content to my site. Why InstantSearch+ does not find it?
    our new content and pages will be discovered by our search engine within 7 days (free accounts) or within a day (Premium accounts). In addition, Premium accounts enjoy on-demand content sync – see it in the Wix App Settings.

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