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Our mission

Optimize Online Shopper Experience to Increase Conversion Rate & AOV

We are on a mission to bring merchants everything they need to deliver an optimized shopper experience.

Fast Simon brings integrated AI conversion optimization to automate manual work and replace expensive, complicated, long implementations by point vendors.

Designed from the ground up for automation & self-service, Fast Simon delivers AI search, collection filters, merchandising, personalization, similar styles, and complete-the-look to increase merchants’ conversion rate and AOV. Fast Simon delights superior shopper interaction across web, mobile apps, headless commerce, and POS. With our app seamlessly integrated into Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce, Fast Simon powers experiences for more than 600 million shoppers each month across thousands of brands.

Our integrated platform not only replaces point solutions, but also delivers superior experience due to the number of data streams fed to its AI engine. Fast Simon uses shopper behavior signals, store signals and merchant policies to deliver personalized search, collections, upsell, cross-sell, ad-platforms data feeds, and campaigns.

Fast Simon, Inc is an independent US corporation based in Silicon Valley, California.

Selected by the most sophisticated, fast growing eCommerce brands

Powering over 20,000 fast growing online shops


Zohar Gilad

Co-Founder & CEO

Adar Greenshpon

Co-Founder & VP

Jeff Neish

Director, Sales & Business Development

Matt Adkins

Account Executive

Devon Bell

Account Executive

Justin Smith

Account Executive

Moshe Shperling

Software Developer

Tali Arad Greshler

Software Developer & Linguist

Ido Talmon

Head of Media

Dolev Dotan

Senior Software Engineer

Yoni Rubanenko

Software Developer

Nadia Hurany

Senior Software Engineer

Yuri Gaiduk

Software Developer

Danny Khodos

QA & Customer Support

Gal Saggie

Application Engineer

Stav Avraham

QA & Customer Support

Mahmood Zoabi

QA Specialist

Ofek Mizrahi

Customer Support & Front End

Hadas Ezra

Marketing & Sales Ops Manager

Ido Barel

Customer Success Manager

Yaara Shvadron

Customer Success Manager

Gabrielle Hartmann

Account Executive


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