Quadruple conversion rate in mobile with InstantSearch+

  • Industry:
    Food & Beverages
  • Location:
    PA, USA
  • Platform:
    Shopify Plus
  • 4X
    Increase in mobile user
    conversion rate
  • 2X
    Increase in overall search
    users conversion rate
  • 20%
    Decrease in site’s
    bounce rate


Director of E-commerce

We found IS+ to have all the bells and whistles we wanted in a search app at an affordable price point. What’s best is that IS+’s support was there to help us get comfortable with the app, making sure we knew exactly how to set up everything we need to get in place before we pushed our new site out the door.

About Coffee For Less

CoffeeForLess.com is the Internet coffee shop for your home, office or restaurant, serving as the online coffee store of Coffee Serv Inc. Since its founding as a family business over 25 years ago, Coffee Serv Inc. of Philadelphia has established a solid reputation for being the preeminent one stop shop for coffee.

Coffee For Less Challenges

Providing relevant search results to their shoppers.
Need a smooth and quick implementation in order to save time in site’s platform migration.
Get shoppers to stay engaged on the site and make purchases.


Seamless integrated on-site search

“This really is, as they say, a “plug & play” app. Implementation was a breeze; features are straightforward, and you got what they promise – no surprises after download.”

InstantSearch+ can be up and running without the need for prolonged and costly integration, nor complex maintenance. That was a real turnkey solution for Coffee For Less. After migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus, they didn’t want the hassle of a long and tiring implementation process.

Relevant, Self-Learning & Lightning-Fast Site Search

“Search relevance is extremely accurate and the learning search algorithm keeps on improving the delivered results.”

In real-time, the built-in autocomplete function starts to predict a search query from the very first character entered into the search box. This drives direct clicks to suggested products and category or query results pages, cutting down on average time and number of steps to conversion.

Upgrade from Shopify Plus default site search

“I really like the clean design and how it works well with our own custom site theme. The design issue with other apps is quite sensitive and generally needs a lot of coding. With InstantSearch+, getting started was straightforward and allowed us to quickly make use of the platforms other features.”

Coffee For Less chose to use the horizontal dropdown, which was nothing more than a flip of a switch for this customization.


Bottom line – How InstantSearch+ impacts your conversion rate

Coffee For Less is seeing a significant increase in search conversion after moving to InstantSearch+. The conversion rate from search users is 2X higher that non-search users. When looking at mobile shoppers, conversion rate results are even more astonishing. Mobile search is 4X higher than non- search mobile users. That means that conversion rate had quadrupled itself.

InstantSearch+ is used by over 500,000 merchants worldwide

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