Greater Sales and Customer Satisfaction

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Marketing Director

We have always been satisfied by the speed in getting assistance and rectifying issues with InstantSearch+. Not only is the speed of search fantastic, you could also say it is the speed in conversion that has helped. We found that the percentage of customers who convert using InstantSearch+ is 4 times that of customers who don’t.

About Everten

Everten is Australia’s leading online retailer of kitchenware, homeware, giftware and tableware. Everten is a family owned 100% Australian company that LOVE to cook. This is reflected in an extensive product range, coupled with great product advice and excellent service, as rated by the customers.

Everten Challenges

Managing over 10,000 unique inventory items at any given time
Helping customers find the exact right item in a timely manner
Optimizing over 40,000 monthly product searches


“Greater Sales and Customer Satisfaction”

“We find our staff uses InstantSearch+ not only to direct customers to particular products they are calling to ask about, but that it also helps customers direct our staff to products when they wish to obtain more information and advice, ultimately leading to greater sales and customer satisfaction.”

“Not only is the speed of search fantastic, you could also say it is the speed in conversion that has helped.”


Bottom line – How InstantSearch+ impacts your sales

“We have found by analyzing search queries that many customers search for a specific item in specific sizes, i.e Le Creuset Casseroles, of which there are many variations. Having InstantSearch+ helps them find these specific products quickly without needing to go through the long-winded process of browsing through our category tree.”

InstantSearch+ is used by over 500,000 merchants worldwide

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