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Get More Results with Upgraded BigCommerce Site Search App

As a BigCommerce store owner, you’ve probably noticed that the default search leaves a lot to be desired. InstantSearch+ has the power to transform your user experience, ROI and conversion – why settle for irrelevant, unfiltered results and basic merchandising capabilities?

Upgrade to an advanced site search built to work seamlessly with the BigCommerce platform. Best of all, thanks to our turnkey solution, you won’t have to devote excessive time or resources to get the results you’re after

A Perfect Match:
InstantSearch+ for BigCommerce

InstantSearch+ is an app that significantly simplifies and improves search for BigCommerce websites. With superb searching capabilities, shoppers are able to find what they’re after faster, cutting down friction and increasing conversion.

Fast-growing eCommerce merchants typically don’t have neither the time nor the money required to implement and maintain complex search solutions – which is why we created a self-service, powerful site search app.

The search app analyzes user behavior to decipher purchasing intent in real time, and present relevant and targeted results.

BigCommerce site search capabilities include:

  • Smart Navigation
  • Rule-Based Merchandising
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Semantic Search
  • Auto-Generated Filters
  • Big Data Product Recommendations
  • Natural Language Processing

InstantSearch+ for BigCommerce:

Relevant, Self-Learning & Lightning-Fast Site Search

Sophisticated merchants opt for a sophisticated site search.
No development. No integration. No maintenance.

100% Cloud-based BigCommerce Search App

InstantSearch+’s unrivaled searching power is funneled through an incredibly fast hosted service.
Your site visitors will see rich, CDN-backed search results rendered quickly and fully.

Stay Sharp with AI &Natural Language Processing

Our self-learning search algorithm improves its accuracy with every new search thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The InstantSearch+ app also supports Natural Language Processing (NLP), so your visitors will be able to see results for even the most complex queries.

Rich Auto-Complete for Quicker Conversion

Our real-time, patented and responsive Auto-Complete can predict a keyword or query from the very first character typed into the search box. This handy tool drives direct clicks to product, category and results pages, reducing the amount of time and the number of steps to conversion.

Flip a switch to configure Auto-Complete anyway you like it, with a vertical or a horizontal drop-down

Upsell with Big Data Product Recommendations

InstantSearch+ analyzes big data to predict users’ intent and conversion path, and presents the most relevant results and product recommendations based on it. A similar method is used by Amazon to increase sales by as much as 30%!

Experience New Merchandising Possibilities

InstantSearch+ presents highly relevant search results by using Artificial Intelligence to analyze user search behavior. When necessary, we provide you with the flexibility to manually change the order of particular results, due to any reason: Shifts in sales policy, revenue margin considerations, prioritizing an ongoing promotion, or even stock surplus.

Our turnkey search app seamlessly integrates with your BigCommerce store, saving you from investing time and money into design and integration. We provide you with the freedom to customize any aspect of merchandising according to your needs, including auto-complete, product placement and product recommendations

Customize Results

Arrange products in a particular order for popular search queries, or hide certain products when necessary.

Rule-Based Merchandising

Merchandise in your categories is automatically sorted according to user intent, combining visual, rule-based product placement with search data to increase conversion. You can customize this by visually re-arranging products and setting rules.

Prioritize Results

Promote, demote or hide specific products according to rules you put in place. Determine rules per search keyword, season and geographic location.

Smart Navigation

Improve navigation at crucial points with Smart Navigation, which displays the most relevant products and filters across category pages. Visitors will be able to navigate your BigCommerce site more easily, whether they’re just browsing or well on their way to checking out.

AI Based Synonyms

Not all customers use the same words to describe the same thing. Since you can’t possibly predict what phrase or word a visitor will use, it’s likely some of them will be missing from your product name or description.

InstantSearch+ suggests synonyms you can use based on actual user behavior, and it supports synonym queries to ensure shoppers find what they want, regardless of how they described it. This way, you won’t miss out on selling a coat just because a customer searched for a ‘parka’.

Improve Conversion with Real-Time Analytics

View vital analytics about your BigCommerce store in your personalized, easy-to-use InstantSearch+ dashboard.
You’ll find these insights and more:

What your shoppers search for

What your shoppers don’t search for

Your most converting keywords per category and per product for

A summary of shoppers’ intent

Keywords your customers aren’t finding

How site search impacts your conversion and revenue

Self Service & Automation

InstantSearch+ was designed to be easy and quick to set up, without the need for programmers. Set up is done by flipping a series of switches intuitively, allowing merchants to configure every detail, and even customize the appearance and content of search results.

You and your visitors can enjoy a beautiful, integrated site search in minutes. To take the customization a step further, InstantSearch+ supports advanced configuration through CSS overrides and the JS API. With the help of our experts, it’s possible to develop a fully custom front-end search through the JSON API.

InstantSearch+ Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 500,000+ Sites

Thousands of BigCommerce merchants and agencies trust InstantSearch+ for consistently relevant results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market.
The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too.

InstantSearch+ is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

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