Merchandising – Optimize Product Placement

Get instant control over how your products are placed and presented to your customers. Be it a new product line, seasonal promotion, new collection, or different geo location – you are in control

  • Set where products are placed per popular search query
  • Target different geos with different offerings
  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customer queries


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What Customers Are Saying

Features & Benefits

Control How Products are Presented to Customers

Determine which products are presented on top for popular customer queries

Segment and conquer per query, geography, season, and pattern

Automatically get optimized search & merchandising experience

Optimize Your Product Placement

  • Adapt quickly on-the-fly to trends or seasonality
  • Automatically blends with search and navigation
  • Easily set Display Badges such as Sold Out, Sale, etc.

Merchandising & Search – How It Works

  • Users search for relevant content in your store, using relevant keywords
  • Merchandisers set product to promote or bury per relevant keyword, season, and geo
  • InstantSearch+ automatically blends merchandising with search results to optimize
  • Customers get both relevant and merchandised results.
  • Everyone is happy!