Merchandising – Optimize Product Placement

Get instant control over how your products are placed and presented to your customers. Be it a new product line, seasonal promotion, new collection, or different geo location – you are in control

  • Set where products are placed per popular search query
  • Target different geos with different offerings
  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customer queries


Features & Benefits

Control How Products are Presented to Customers

  • Determine which products are presented on top for popular customer queries

  • Segment and conquer per query, geography, season, and pattern

  • Automatically get optimized search & merchandising experience

Optimize Your Product Placement

  • Adapt quickly on-the-fly to trends or seasonality
  • Automatically blends with search and navigation
  • Easily set Display Badges such as Sold Out, Sale, etc.

Merchandising & Search – How It Works

  • Users search for relevant content in your store, using relevant keywords
  • Merchandisers set products to promote or bury per relevant keyword, season, and geo
  • InstantSearch+ automatically blends merchandising with search results to optimize
  • Customers get both relevant and merchandised results
  • Everyone is happy!