More than 1,000 custom fields and filters to search by.

  • Industry:
    Furniture, Appliances, and Home Accessories
  • Location:
    TX, USA
  • Platform:
  • 1000+
    Custom fields and filters indexed in search
  • 7X
    Increase in conversion rate from shoppers using search
  • 10X
    Difference in conversion rate between mobile search shoppers and those browsing with their mobile device



This is a seriously incredible app. The options are almost limitless, the tools to power and drive your solution to a new level is literally at your finger tips. Very smart and intuitive interface. I have been amazed by their level of support and willingness to customize my site to adopt to our theme. It really is a great company behind this very unique and powerful solution. What is your hesitation? Install, customize as your liking and reach out to their team. It’s incredibly top-notch.
Thank you everyone at InstantSearch+! Really amazing!!!

About Sam’s Furniture

Sam’s Furniture is a family owned and operated source for appliances and home furniture, served North Texas exclusively since 1946 with online presence for the past 10 years.

Sam’s Furniture Challenges

Control and fetch over 9,000 products with more than 50,000 images
Many categories and filters that needs to be indexed
Unique setup for a furniture industry site


Customized fields setup

“The ability to search by customized fields combined with custom filters is exactly what we needed. This feature is a true game changer for us, as we have a lot of content on the site.”

Sam’s Furniture required a unique set up with more than 1,000 custom fields and filters to search by.

Relevant, Self-Learning & Lightning-Fast Site Search

“The way InstantSearch+ shows the autocomplete drop down menu, where not only you get results instantly but you see the furniture image in the dropdown itself, is something that you don’t find in the furniture industry .
“The best part, I can make any change I want, with the mere change of a switch, and it’s live in no time.”

Sam’s Furniture decided to show only products suggestions in their drop down menu – navigating users directly to the product page for a quick check out. This setup fits perfectly to the furniture and home appliance industry.


Bottom line – How InstantSearch+ impacts your conversion rate

“Not only had conversion rate increased, so did the traffic to our brick and mortar stores.”
Sam’s Furniture is seeing a significant increase in search conversion after moving to InstantSearch+. The conversion rate from search users is about 7X higher that non-search users. When taking a closer look at visitors on mobile devices, conversion rate results are even more astonishing. Mobile search conversion is 10X higher than non-search mobile shoppers.
With InstantSearch+, “Most shoppers actually found what they were looking for on their first search attempt.”

InstantSearch+ is used by over 500,000 merchants worldwide

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