Search API

Search API – for your mobile app

Control your exact customized user experience of AutoComplete, Search, Smart Navigation and Product Recommendation using our direct API, while enjoying our rich self-service dashboard for Merchandising.

Provide your teams the tools and resources they need to create the search experience best suited for your store.

  • Integrates with your native Mobile App
  • Gives you front-end control over your shoppers’ user experience in the auto-complete drop down and search results page


Benefits of using our Search API

  • Lightning fast, highly relevant, self-learning search Engage users with fast and rich autocomplete from the first character typed.
  • Love to code?
    Get front-end control over your site search results page and autocomplete drop down.
  • Built for mobile
    Get a great search experience regardless of what device your customers are using. InstantSearch+ gives your mobile site and app users a fast, friendly mobile search.
  • Smart Navigation, Product Recommendation, Visual Merchandising, AI based Synonyms suggestions and more, all is included.

Search API – How It Works

  • InstantSearchPlus gives you the access, through a simple JSON Web API, to control the exact boutique experience of your eCommerce store. You can control the AutoComplete drop down menu as well as the search results page, product recommendation and smart navigation.
  • Use our API to customize and integrate great search in your e-commerce website.

Infinite Merchandising Possibilities

InstantSearch+ uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze user search behavior and present the most relevant results. With a fully custom site search, you’ll have the freedom to customize any aspect of merchandising according to your needs, for any reason: Revenue margin, an ongoing promotion, stock surplus, etc.

Custom Results

Arrange products in any order you wish for popular search queries. You can even hide certain products from results!

Rule-Based Merchandising

We automatically sort merchandise in your categories according to user intent, thus combining visual, rule-based product placement with search data to increase conversion. Customize this at any time by visually re-arranging products and setting rules.

Prioritized Results

Choose to raise or lower the results ranking of products according to set rules. These rules can vary by search keyword, season and the user’s geo-location.

InstantSearch+ Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 1B+ Shoppers

Thousands of online merchants and agencies trust InstantSearch+ for consistently relevant results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market.

The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too.