What is Site Search?

Search results differ from web search engines like Google, that search the internet to retrieve global answers, and a site search engine for the site you’re on. When you search Google, it returns results in the form of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s), which is a long list broken up into ten results per page. An on-site search uses a local engine in conjunction with the code of the site to display the results in harmony with the sites appearance.


What are the best practices for internal search?

30% of visitors use site search, here are best practices to ensure they stick around:

  1. 70% of sites return limited results due to exact terminology matching. Enabling synonym and broad term matching can significantly raise query matches that lead to conversions.
  2. Help searchers find results despite uncertainty or spelling mistakes, through autocomplete and autocorrect options.
  3. Maximize searches by making your search field stand out with a contrasting color or frame, offsetting “site feature blindness”.


What is Internal Search Marketing and how do I do it?

Internal Search Marketing is the optimization of site search tools to ensure visitors quickly find the product or service that best meets their needs.
To achieve this, streamline your internal search to reduce the complexity and number of steps necessary for users to find relevant results, prioritized and merchandised according to intent.
The combination of search and merchandising is sometimes called ‘searchandising’, i.e. augmenting site search capabilities with behavioral data and automation to deliver rich, relevant, custom and highly converting results.


What are the best practices for internal site search SEO?

Nearly 84% of sites don’t measure internal search performance – a huge SEO opportunity to exploit. Here’s how:

  1. Identify the most common internal search queries, and rank them according to popularity and strength of user intent.
  2. Create dedicated landing pages for the results pages of popular search terms, instead of dynamically rendered results, to be able to optimize content.


What is Searchandising?

The term ‘searchandising’ is an amalgamation of ‘search’ and ‘merchandising’, and refers to the enhancement of internal site search capabilities using merchandising tactics. These include, but are not limited to, the use of behavioral data and automation for auto-complete, rich snippets, related queries and more. It includes both manual and automated steps.
A well ‘searchandised’ site delivers a smooth, user-friendly site search that returns rich, relevant, custom and highly converting results.


Which is best, hosted site search or cloud based?

Cloud based site search is an application run on cloud servers by the site search service provider and has the benefits of increased speed and relieving a lot of the strain on your hosting ram, bandwidth and disk limits. When you host your own site search engine you’ll need to provide the infrastructure capacity, which depending upon your current architecture could necessitate moving up to a more robust solution.