Shopify Plus Customer Case Study EarthLED

Here’s how EarthLed, a Shopify Plus customer, has been using InstantSearch+, growing their business to $10M dollars a year.

“Another trusted partner on whom EarthLED relies is InstantSearch+, which helps eCommerce companies provide users with robust site search technology that powers millions of searches each day. As EarthLED grew its offering from 12 original SKUs to more than seven hundred, the ability to easily and quickly search the site became extremely important.

Besides powering up to 25,000 site searches a month for EarthLED, InstantSearch+ also plays a pivotal role in helping Costigliola better select inventory. “What I find to be one of the most important aspects of implementing a tool like this is that it gives you insight as to potential products that we should be carrying or working to add to the site,” he says. “Having an insight into what customers are looking for on the site is a very valuable feature to me.”

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