Smart Navigation

Unlike static navigation layer, Smart Navigation uses the power of search to dynamically present the most relevant products, categories, and filters to your store visitors

  • Delivers most relevant products, categories, and filters across your categories and collection pages
  • Presents consistent look and user experience on all pages and search results
  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking widget to your page


Features & Benefits

Smart Navigation Presents Most Relevant Products to Shoppers

  • Based on Real Users’ Behavior and Intent in Your Store

  • Continuously learning and improving just like search

  • One-click integration of customizable widget to your pages

Best Shopper Experience

  • Sharp-looking dynamic navigation bar on your category or collection pages
  • Consistent user experience with your search results pages
  • Get eCommerce conversions boost on your collection pages

Customizable Smart Navigation Widget

  • InstantSearch+ continuously improves and updates product ranking based on user searches
  • InstantSearch+ dynamically builds layered navigation adapted to search rankings
  • Shoppers find the most relevant products as they browse through collection pages with smart navigation

Smart Navigation – How It Works

  • Vertical or horizontal widget for Product category or collection pages
  • Inherits CSS of your store for consistent look & feel
  • Continuously optimized for superb product relevancy

One-Click Integration with Your Store

  • 1-click installation
  • 100% pure JavaScript and CSS – no other embedded content
  • Pure additive goodness – does not break or replace anything in your store’s pages
  • Everything is served from the cloud – no load on your server (We have already said that, but it is important to emphasize that your server would not be impacted whatsoever)

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