Woolery delivers the best customer service using InstantSearch+.

  • Industry:
    Fiber Arts
  • Location:
    KY, USA
  • Platform:
  • 3X
    Conversion rate from search is 3X higher compared to non-search sessions.
  • 4X
    User value from search is 4X higher compared to non-search users
  • 50%
    Of the store’s revenue comes from search

Wave Mcfarland



We are very pleased with the performance of InstantSearch+ as well as how easy it is to install and use. Our favorite feature is hands down the machine learning module, a true game-changer for us.

About Woolery

Woolery is a family owned fiber arts business with a mission to provide a broad array of fiber arts supplies and equipment at competitive prices with fast turn-around time and world-class customer service.

Woolery Challenges

Clients not finding desired products.
Navigation on-site across all categories.
A true need for an intuitive, plug-and-play, no maintenance app.


Personalized onsite search

As a family-owned business for more than 35 years, Woolery aimed to find a search solution that will easily handle their specific needs with no hassle such as coding, integration or maintenance. While having a large product catalog, organized across a number of different categories, Woolery needed to provide its customers with an easy-to-use and accurate onsite search experience, thus giving their customers exactly what they were looking for.

Understanding customers’ intent

“What we like best about IS+ is the machine learning component and the ability to display search results from products, categories, our blog and content pages.” – Wave McFarland, President

InstantSearch+ optimizes the shopping experience, allowing shoppers to search for relevant content across the site. InstantSearch+ machine learning algorithm is constantly adjusting itself to the customers’ intention in order to deliver the best results along with a superb shopping experience.
The simple and fast integration with InstantSearch+ along with the intuitive dashboard interface allows Woolery to make the changes they want easily and see the adjustments and results in no time on their store.


Bottom line – How InstantSearch+ impacts your conversion rate and user value

Woolery uses InstantSearch+ to deliver incredibly detailed onsite search results and drive conversions.

Shortly after installing InstantSearch+ Woolery saw an increase in conversion rate from search by 3X, compared to non-search sessions. User value from search also increased by 4X compared to non-search.

InstantSearch+ is used by over 500,000 merchants worldwide

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