Thousands of eCommerce shop owners sell more with InstantSearch+

Here’s why they give us 5-Star Review 🙂


  • “InstantSerach+ suits our needs perfectly. It’s easy to install, has excellent support, and importantly does exactly what it is meant to do, providing a detailed search experience for customers as well as feedback to us through the dashboard that is informative and actionable. Highly recommended and a must if you are serious about search.”

    Charles Fitzgerald

  • “We have had this extension running for our site for more than 3 years. We have been running Magento for almost 8 years and we have tried in total more than 40 different extensions. Some good and some bad. This extension is the best of them all. It works perfect!. We have had some minor issues with small conflicts with other extension. Instantsearch support have fixed all these problem within one day.”

  • “Instant Search+ has provided us a search solution that our customers have called everything from “most incredibly useful search I’ve ever seen” to “rockin’ awesome!” It turns search into a responsive, smart and engagement-enhancing interaction with our customers. That it does so as an easy-to-install app without need for coding is even more impressive.”

    Kristian Chronister, CEO

  • “We added this to our Website and saw an instant increase in sales. The search bar feature is very professional, easy to use, and customizable. It is now very very easy for customers to find the products they are looking for. When there were issues to resolve, support was extremely fast in answering and resolving any issues. Highly recommended!”

    Megan Tucker

  • “InstantSearch+ is one of the best investments we made for our site. Our visitors can search our products and get quick search results that are super relevant. The plugin is also continuously updated with new features such as better analytics, products recommendations and much more. And most importantly their support is very responsive and resolves issues quickly.”

    Shawn Shadkam

  • “Serious ecommerce is our daily focus. With Instantsearch+ we now offer our customers a world class search opportunity in our Magento shop that leads to more conversions. With both a fast and responsive solution we are happy onboard and thrilled about the customer service too.”

    Daniel van Acker

  • “So far its been a great app to work with. Its more than just search as it allows you to have better control over filters on your browse pages and has a nice product recommendation widget for PDP pages. Ed and the team were super responsive to address an issue I was having. They even put in an enhancement for me in a matter of days. I highly recommend!”

    Kevin Biondi

  • “Instant Search + is by the far the best search app for Shopify. It was easy to install and configure and support when needed was extremely quick and helpful. Customers can now find the product they are looking for on our website far quicker and easier than ever before resulting in a higher conversion rate for our site and an increase in the average order size too, all thanks to Instant Search +. “

    Matt Stephenson

  • “These are the reasons why you should implement this search on your store. 1st, very good search engine. both finds the items your customer is looking and makes good near close suggestions based on the words. 2nd, recommendation widget – it includes 4 recommendation widgets which you can put in the “related products” position on your product pages. 3rd, the customer service is excellent. Bottom Line: Best search engine we’ve had to date.“

  • “Absolutely the best team I’ve worked with across the shopify ecosystem. These guys not only got the best search engine product, they also went not an extra mile – but extra 100 miles in helping me set up my store exactly how I wanted it. If you care about your customer experience on your store and need someone trusted to help you get there – it is InstantSearch+.”

    Vitali Savitski

  • “As a wine shop with very specific product names and attributes we were looking for a powerful search. After a lot of comparison among different apps, InstantSearch+ won by quite a margin. Topped by a responsive and fast support, this search engine lefts nothing to be wished for after now 3 months of continuous usage.“

    Dominik Franzn

  • “Simply the best Search app for Shopify, made by developers who do care and listen to app users. Support is outstanding, one of the best I ever had the pleasure to work with. The features are amazing and new ones are constantly added. It is a bit more costly than others but it is worth every penny, it’s a great investment. It is a must for Shopify stores and we are very happy we found it. Try it out, you will be happy you did!”

  • “I was impressed with the ease of setup and accurate results and the client was happy as well. When I noticed an issue I contacted support. The response was quick and the issue was solved within a few minutes. This is what completely sold me on the product. If you can find support this good on a free product, it is worth paying for the pro version.”

    Mark Stone

  • “We were searching for ages for the best search solution for our clients. A perfect search function is essential these days, because people are used to find what they need with one click. We have tried lot but Instantsearch+ ist the best. Finally our clients can find what they need within seconds. The support of Instantsearch+ is amazing and very quick as well. Highly recommended for all who want their products to be found fast, easy and reliable.”

    Benjamin Itter

  • “This is the best search extension available. Well worth the money. Even better than the extension is the support. I felt like they were members of our team. Wish they made other extensions.”

    Abe Pattee

  • “I was surprised how limited the native Magento search functionality was. InstantSearch+ came to the rescue with a more comprehensive search functionality in line with what people expect nowadays from a search feature. It’s a mini google for your website that easily gives you control of what results to provide your customers. The service was great as well. Definitely worth the money.”

    Dan Schuessler

  • “InstantSearch+ is the best, easiest to implement and most cost effective auto search solution that we found to handle our 70K+ product catalog. The team is also incredibly responsive and helped us get our (custom) implementation up in short order. You won’t be disappointed.”

    Skip Tabor, CIO