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    How often do you find yourself lost in a website, unable to find what you’re looking for? Unfortunately, this happens all...Read More
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    A brief quote from the blog by Phillip Jackson: “When the Magento Community Works, it Works” “…I...Read More
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    Here’s how SHOWCASE, a Shopify plus customer, spiked their eCommerce revenues, using InstantSearch+ “…Davis...Read More
  • Shopify Plus Customer Case Study EarthLED
    Here’s how EarthLed, a Shopify Plus customer, has been using InstantSearch+, growing their business to $10M dollars...Read More
  • TOFU and BOFU quick fixes to boost your conversion rate
    As an eCommerce merchant, we know how much effort you put in to drive traffic to your online stores. It takes time, energy...Read More
  • Why Every Store Needs Search: A Q&A with the Founder of InstantSearch+
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  • Merry Chrismess and Happy New Year from InstantSearch+
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  • Automatically Generated Search Filters for Shopify Stores
    Every eCommerce store visitor is conditioned to use search filters. Amazon and other notable online store have them, as they...Read More
  • What Firefox on iPhone Means For Shoppers
    Few things have generated as hot a debate in our home as our very different choices in technology. While my husband swears...Read More
  • Tips on Tuesdays: 5 Hot Uses For Turbolinks
    The days of walking into a store, only to be greeted by a smiling sales rep are waning as shoppers flock to their computers...Read More
  • Tips on Tuesdays: Synonyms and Spelling
    In preparation for my wedding last year, I found myself doing much of our shopping online as it was easy and without limiting...Read More
  • Merchandising with Search for Shopify Stores
    Merchandising [mur-chuh n-dahy-zing] is the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at...Read More
  • The Panama Canal and eCommerce Shipping
    Last week, while on vacation in Panama, I was awed watching a huge ship move through the Miraflores locks from the Pacific...Read More
  • 3 Top Mobile eCommerce Trends to Follow in 2015
    A lot has been written about how mobile Internet is eating the world. We are all addicted to our devices – included...Read More
  • Hosted Search Service, or Search Product: That is The Question!
    Merchants who host their eCommerce sites, especially on open platforms such as Magento search extension, WordPress/WooCommerce,...Read More
  • 7 Tips to Power-Up Your Site Search
    Ever wondered why the first result you get when you type “Harry Potter” on Amazon is an Amazon instant video?  ...Read More