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Dramatically Improve Your Customers Experience While Significantly Boosting Conversion Rate

post on November 8, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Zohar Gilad, was interviewed for eCommerce Fast Lane, on how search can dramatically improve the customer experience on your store while significantly boosting conversion rate. Listen to everything you wanted to know about search but never dared to ask. You’ll hear about the beginning of InstantSearch+, common searching behaviors among shoppers […]

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We Analyzed the Onsite Search Functions of 15 Top eCommerce Sites in the World and the Results Were Unexpected

post on October 14, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

When you really analyze it there isn’t anything more important than people being able to find what they want on your site. If they can’t find what they’re looking for they can’t buy it, which means no sales. The entire point of having a site in the first place is negated if your customers can’t […]

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7 Critical Online Visual Merchandising Strategies to Drive Your Sales Now

post on August 15, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Today’s online visual merchandiser must be able to incorporate art, science and data to remain competitive in the ever changing online global marketplace. Because online purchasing lacks the physical presence, it must find ways to compensate for the missing shopper sensory input such as touch, smell and taste. The online merchandiser must use advanced techniques […]

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Reading your customers mind

74% Of Consumers Say They Will Switch Brands If The Purchase Is Too Difficult, Here’s How To Make Yours Easy

post on June 27, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

You have far too much invested in both time and money to allow your customers to just walk away from the sale, even though they actually want to buy your products and services. The effort of yourself and everyone in your organization will have been wasted when the consumer is literally on your site in […]

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72% of Sites Fail Ecommerce Site Search Expectations: 3 Steps + a Checklist to Ensure Yours Isn’t One of Them

post on February 27, 2018Zohar GiladTechnology

A brief quote from an article posted on BigCommerce blog:“It’s official: mobile ecommerce on-site search experiences are abysmal. You probably didn’t need a study to prove that out. We’ve all been there, after all – typing on a mobile screen into a tiny box that serves us little to no accurate results. In fact, according […]

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understanding shopper intent

Understanding Shoppers’ Intent to Maximize eCommerce Conversion

post on January 25, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Optimizing online conversion is tricky. Sure, measuring conversion rate is straightforward enough: Typically, the number of visitors who completed the desired result (usually, a purchase), divided by the total number of visitors. However, optimizing conversion is a whole different ball game – one that requires in-depth understanding of the process leading up to conversion.Many think […]

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Predictive Analytics as a Crucial Part of eCommerce

post on November 19, 2017Hadas PeretzTechnology

Seeing daily recommendations for products on your favorite social media platforms has become the norm. But have you ever wondered what kind of technique is used to know which product you’re likely to buy? It’s called predictive analytics, and it works on a principle of collecting and analyzing purchasing history, browsing patterns, and other types […]

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Why Customers Are Leaving Your eCommerce Store and How to Make Them Stay

post on November 9, 2017Hadas PeretzTechnology

A customer visits your eCommerce store. They go through your inventory and puts 3 items in the shopping cart. Then they abruptly leave the site without finalizing the purchase. Does this scenario sound familiar? It happens more often than you think. In fact, 68.8% is the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate based on […]

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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site Search Box in Three Easy Steps

post on March 2, 2017Hadas PeretzTechnology

How often do you find yourself lost in a website, unable to find what you’re looking for? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and when it comes to online shoppers, it can mean lost sales and revenue. Many websites place a tiny magnifying glass icon that is barely noticeable in an invisible corner of the […]

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When the Magento Community Works, it Works

post on September 1, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

A brief quote from the blog by Phillip Jackson: “When the Magento Community Works, it Works” “…I love their product because it “just works” – and I say that knowing full well that you the reader probably think I’m being paid to say that. I’m not. The reality is that I love products that deliver […]

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Shopify Plus Customer Case Study SHOWCASE

post on July 20, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

Here’s how SHOWCASE, a Shopify plus customer, spiked their eCommerce revenues, using InstantSearch+ “…Davis also credits Shopify’s robust application store, and the willingness of app developers like Instant Search to modify or customize their apps to meet specific needs and improve the user experience. “They’re just so eager to work with you,” Davis says of […]

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Shopify Plus Customer Case Study EarthLED

post on July 17, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

Here’s how EarthLed, a Shopify Plus customer, has been using InstantSearch+, growing their business to $10M dollars a year. “Another trusted partner on whom EarthLED relies is InstantSearch+, which helps eCommerce companies provide users with robust site search technology that powers millions of searches each day. As EarthLED grew its offering from 12 original SKUs […]

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TOFU and BOFU quick fixes to boost your conversion rate

post on July 11, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

As an eCommerce merchant, we know how much effort you put in to drive traffic to your online stores. It takes time, energy and money. Once shoppers hit your store, what you need to do is to maximize your chance and turn them into customers. The touch points that will make the most impact to […]

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Why Every Store Needs Search: A Q&A with the Founder of InstantSearch+

post on June 9, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

A brief quote from the interview made by Pixel Union: “Here are some must-have advice for ecommerce merchants: Number one, I would say have a clear, visible search box. You’d be amazed at how many ecommerce sites don’t have a site search box, or have it hidden for design considerations. The equivalent would be having a […]

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Merry Chrismess and Happy New Year from InstantSearch+

post on December 18, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

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Automatically Generated Search Filters for Shopify Stores

post on September 16, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Every eCommerce store visitor is conditioned to use search filters. Amazon and other notable online store have them, as they help users narrow down the search to their preference. But from a site owner perspective, building custom site search filters can not only be a pain in the rear, but also cost a lot of […]

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What Firefox on iPhone Means For Shoppers

post on September 17, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

Few things have generated as hot a debate in our home as our very different choices in technology. While my husband swears by PCs and Chrome, I’d take my Mac and Firefox any day. Last week, Mozilla finally announced the first public preview of the Mozilla browser for iPhones and iPads. While they have been […]

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Tips on Tuesdays: 5 Hot Uses For Turbolinks

post on September 1, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

The days of walking into a store, only to be greeted by a smiling sales rep are waning as shoppers flock to their computers and mobile devices to make their purchases. Left alone to navigate eCommerce sites, a strong search is key to keeping your clients engaged as they find what they need. With InstantSearch+, […]

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Tips on Tuesdays: Synonyms and Spelling

post on August 25, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

In preparation for my wedding last year, I found myself doing much of our shopping online as it was easy and without limiting myself to local retailers, the global community has so many beautiful things to offer. “I before E, except after C” I never was very good at spelling and when it came time […]

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Merchandising with Search for Shopify Stores

post on May 11, 2019Ed MelloneTechnology

Merchandising [mur-chuh n-dahy-zing] is the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at the proper time. Effective merchandising means creating organized and skillful advertising through a variety of techniques, such as creating visually appealing displays or grouping complementary products together to create a more efficient shopping experience for the customer. […]

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The Panama Canal and eCommerce Shipping

post on January 5, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

Last week, while on vacation in Panama, I was awed watching a huge ship move through the Miraflores locks from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the equivalent of a small mountain of about a 106 feet wide and up to 950 feet in length, as this is the Panamax or the maximum […]

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3 Top Mobile eCommerce Trends to Follow in 2015

post on January 13, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

A lot has been written about how mobile Internet is eating the world. We are all addicted to our devices – included yours truly. But aside from messaging (email, whatsapp, texting), gaming, and social (facebook, linkedin), what about actual eCommerce? Are people really using their mobile devices on commerce sites, searching, and buying stuff? It […]

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Hosted Search Service, or Search Product: That is The Question!

post on October 16, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Merchants who host their eCommerce sites, especially on open platforms such as Magento search extension, WordPress/WooCommerce, and Prestashop,  have a dilemma when it comes to choosing custom site search extensions or plugins for their sites: buying a license or choosing a cloud-based service. Even though as a hosted service provider, we may be somewhat biased, we […]

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7 Tips to Power-Up Your Site Search

post on May 15, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Ever wondered why the first result you get when you type “Harry Potter” on Amazon is an Amazon instant video?Or how does Apple know how to recommend the results below, when you merely type “ip” in the search box? Or why is it that those big brand names return search results so fast?The answer is […]

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