Advanced, fast eCommerce site search boosts conversion by an average of 3.6X. Join over 300,000 merchants who are actively using InstantSearch+ to significantly increase conversion and delight their shoppers.

  • Lightning fast delivery of  product & query suggestions
  • Contemporary, mobile responsive design search results page
  • Big Data Product Recommendations
  • Accurate search using natural language

Features & Benefits

Lightning Fast Instant Search for BigCommerce Stores


Our fast, hosted search results page will not keep your shoppers waiting to see what they want to buy


Search-as-you-type product names, descriptions, images, and prices from the first typed character

Fine-tune search with synonyms and redirects

Collection Filters and Smart Navigation Widget

  • Smart navigation delivers the most relevant products, categories and collection filters across your collection pages
  • Display a sharp-looking dynamic navigation bar on your category or collection pages to enhance the shopping experience
  • Continuously optimized for superb product relevancy, based on real users’ behavior and intent in your store
  • Allows consistent user experience for navigation and search
  • Boost conversions on your collection pages

Merchandising – Optimize Product Placement

  • Determine which products are presented on top for popular customer queries
  • Segment and conquer per query, geography, season, and pattern
  • InstantSearch+ automatically blends merchandising with search results to optimize so that customers get both relevant and merchandised results
  • Set product to promote or bury per relevant keyword, season, and geography
  • Now you can adapt quickly to trends or seasonality changes

Analytics Dashboard to Help You Serve Your Users Better

  • Number of searches running in your store. What users are searching for. What users are not finding
  • How relevant are your search results? How many product, category and search suggests were chosen?
  • Configuration dashboard and controls to fine tune search configuration

Seamless Fit To Your BigCommerce Store

  • Installing InstantSearch+ requires no coding. You’ll be up and running in no time!

  • 100% pure additive Javascript and CSS goodness – does not replace your store’s original built-in search

  • Customizable look and feel to fit your store design

  • All-in-one Conversion Optimization Package

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