BigCommerce Site Search – Lightning Fast, Highly Relevant, Self-Learning Search

A new kind of BigCommerce site search for sophisticated merchants.
No Development. No Integration. No Maintenance.

BigCommerce Site Search

BigCommerce Site Search – 100% Cloud-based

CDN-backed, BigCommerce search results
with the lowest possible latency. Serves everything,
including images, from the cloud, not your server.

BigCommerce Site Search

Self-Learning, AI Based, Natural Language

Highly relevant results page that automatically integrates with your BigCommerce store. Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better with artificial intelligence. Natural language search query processing for complex queries.

BigCommerce Site Search

Big Data Product Recommendations

Use customers’ shopping intent to increase your sales, by matching products they would want to buy. Delight your customers and get up to 30% revenue uplift.

BigCommerce Site Search

Merchandising in Search & Categories

Our BigCommerce Site Search automatically blends your merchandising strategies with shopper’s intent to deliver optimized results. Merchandise your categories, search results, autocomplete, and product recommendation.

BigCommerce Site Search

Filters to the top

Determine which products are presented on top for popular customer queries.

BigCommerce Site Search

Category Merchandising

BigCommerce Site Search automatically blends visual and rule based product placement with search popularity within your store’s categories.

BigCommerce Site Search

Prioritize Promotions

Set products to promote or buy per relevant keyword, season, and geography.

BigCommerce Site Search

BigCommerce Site Search – Smart Navigation

Smart navigation delivers the most relevant products, categories, and collection filters across your category pages. Continuously optimized for superb product relevance, based on real users’ behavior and intent in your store. Allows consistent user experience for navigation and search.

BigCommerce Site Search

AI Based Synonyms

Get AI based suggestions for synonyms based on how your customers are searching for products in your store. InstantSearch+ continuously improves product findability for your shoppers.

Personalized Analytics to Improve Conversion

Which keywords convert better per product?
What is the individual shopper’s intent in your store?
What are shoppers searching for?
What are shoppers not finding?
What’s the impact on your revenues and conversion rate?

BigCommerce Site SearchWe are an official technology partner,
so you can rest assured that we provide you
the best possible solutions for your store.

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