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Looking to Improve your Magento Search?

Is your Magento search very slow? Does it yield inaccurate results? Are your customers asking for more sophisticated search methods? Are you looking to fine-tune your search results and merchandising rules?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, you’ve probably already tried to make your native Magento search work better by tuning SOLR Search on M1, or Elastic Search on M2, or even by buying an inexpensive one-time perpetual Magento Search Extension license. These types of solutions take Magento experts and developers many hours to integrate, if they even succeed. And experts are not cheap.

Even if you paid handsomely for initial setup – there is always an additional expense lurking, whether it’s to fix bugs, perform maintenance, or make changes. So, while you’re on the eCommerce treadmill, wouldn’t it be nice to check off search from your to-do list?

Search should work well and increase your conversion rate. If you agree, you’ve come to the right place.

magento search

Magento Search by InstantSearch+

Magento Search Extension is a new kind of search extension. It was designed from the ground-up for fast-growing online merchants who want a great site search experience, but can’t afford to spend the time or the money required for never-ending development or integration.

InstantSearch+ is different. It automatically detects shoppers’ purchasing intent and matches it with merchandising priorities for optimal conversion. The browsing experience is improved with Smart Navigation and Category Merchandising, and it produces relevant, fast and rich results by supporting Natural Language queries.

All of these capabilities are made possible thanks to a fast, feature rich hosted service, that includes:

  • Rich AutoComplete
  • Semantic Search
  • Individualized Results
  • Smart Navigation
  • Auto-Generated Filters
  • Big Data Product Recommendations

Magento Search:

Lightning Fast, Relevant,Self-Learning

A new kind of eCommerce site search for sophisticated merchants.
No Development. No Integration. No Maintenance.

Magento search extension

Magento Search Extension – 100% Cloud-based

A robust cloud infrastructure delivers Magento search results with the lowest possible latency. Unlike server based search extensions or native Magento search, InstantSearch+ serves everything, including images, from the cloud, rather than loading your Magento server. Shoppers enjoy lightning fast service, wherever they are.

magento search plugin

Self-Learning, AI Based, Natural Language Magento Search

Renders highly relevant, responsive results pages that automatically integrate with your Magento store. Our learning search algorithm continuously gets better with Artificial Intelligence, using Natural language search query processing for complex queries.
InstantSearch+ can automatically understand a query such as “Red Shirt under $150”, even if ‘Red’ is not mentioned in the product title or the short description. The extension is capable of distinguishing the keyword ‘shirt’ from the attribute ‘red’, and the price range of ‘< $150'.

Magento search extension

Superfast Rich Magento Search Auto Complete

InstantSearch+ engages your shoppers from the first character they type into the search box, with a superfast patented Auto Complete dropdown. Many shoppers will select a product, category, search query, or promotion directly from the dropdown. Customize it anyway you like, the dropdown is responsive and can be set to display vertically or horizontally at the flip of a switch.

magento search plugin

Big Data Product Recommendations

Amazon gets about a 30% revenue lift by recommending additional products to shoppers. Use a similar approach to raise your sales, by identifying customers’ shopping intent to increase your sales, and matching products they would want to buy. This can be configured to generate suggestions based on products they viewed, bought, and more. Delight your customers and get incremental sales, all at once.

Merchandising in Search & Categories

InstantSearch+ is self-learning, meaning that it continuously improves search results relevance as more shoppers use it in your store. But what about your sales policy, or products and categories you’d like to promote over others?
This is where you can use Merchandising to align with your strategy. Set rules to promote, bury, or hide products per specific search queries, in a specific category, or in product recommendations.

Our Magento Search Extension automatically blends your merchandising strategies with shoppers’ intent to deliver optimal results. Merchandise your categories, search results, autocomplete, and product recommendations to suit your needs and preferences.

Promoted Items to the Top

Determine which products appear first for popular customer queries. You can also bury or hide products to fine tune results according to your specific needs.

Rule Based Merchandising

Our Magento Search Extension automatically blends visual and rule-based product placement with search popularity within your store’s categories.

Prioritized Promotions

Set products to promote or buy per relevant keywords, seasons, and geographic locations.

magento search
magento search

Smart Navigation

InstantSearch+ improves conversion not only when shoppers are in search mode, but also as they are browsing categories. InstantSearch+ can power your navigation with both search-ranking and merchandising priorities to produce optimal results. Customers can find products quicker and simpler than if they were to casually browse categories.

Smart Navigation delivers the most relevant products, categories, and filters across your category pages, enabling consistent user experience. It’s continuously optimized for superb product relevance, based on real users’ behavior and intent in your store.

magento search plugin

AI Based Synonyms

When shoppers search for products, they may use keywords that are not in your product name or description. To help shoppers find the products they are looking for, InstantSearch+ offers both multi-direction and one-direction synonyms. Thanks to this, even if a customer searches for a ‘pushcart’ he or she would still find the strollers you offer.
What’s more, InstantSearch+ continuously improves your products’ findability by generating optional AI-based suggestions for synonyms, using real-time search data.

magento search plugin
Personalized Analytics to Improve Conversion

Find out the following, and much more, on your personalized search analytics dashboard:

Which keywords convert better per product

What is the individual shopper’s intent in your store

What shoppers are searching for

What shoppers aren’t finding

The impact of search on your revenue and conversion rate

Self Service & Automation

InstantSearch+ was designed not only as a search engine, but rather an application for merchants to configure what search results pages look like, the appearance of the AutoComplete dropdown, and more. It couldn’t be more intuitive – all you need to do is flip switches. Should you need further display changes, everything is customizable through CSS overrides.

InstantSearch+ is highly automated and designed to work from the get-go. Unlike other high-end Magento Search extensions, you will be amazed at how quickly your new site search will be up and running, and how professional and smooth search experience will be.

Magento search extension
magento search plugin

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Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

InstantSearch+ Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 4,000+ Magento Stores

InstantSearch+ is trusted by thousands of Magento merchants and agencies on both M1 and M2. Designed for self-service and time-to-market, it is a perfect solution for fast-growing stores.

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