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Don’t Settle for the Default:
Upgrade your Shopify Site Search

Do your Shopify store searches yield unfiltered or irrelevant results? Are you looking for a more sophisticated search functionality? If you’re frustrated – imagine how your customers feel.

Shopify’s default search lacks vital merchandising and fine-tuning capabilities, that are critical to conversion. You want to upgrade your search, yet you fear a costly, lengthy, and complex integration as well as ongoing maintenance. With such a long to-do list, ROI becomes a concern.

It’s time to upgrade your Shopify site’s user experience with a sophisticated, self-service, turnkey search app.

shopify search

Shopify Search App by InstantSearch+ – Quickly & Pain-Free

Shopify AI-powered Search by InstantSearch+ is an app designed to transform and simplify search experience from the ground up. It’s perfect for fast-growing online merchants who want a great search experience on their E-Commerce site, but don’t have the time nor the money to spend on never-ending development and integration.

The Shopify Search app boosts conversion by automatically detecting shoppers’ purchasing intent, then presenting them with relevant and targeted results.
Our personalized on-site product search help shoppers find what they want faster.

Browsing & search experience are enhanced using:

  • Smart Navigation
  • Rule-Based Merchandising
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Semantic Search
  • Auto-Generated Filters down to the variant level
  • Big Data Product Recommendations
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Real-time personalization based on AI and machine learning

InstantSearch+ for Shopify:

Relevant, Self-Learning & Lightning-Fast Site Search

Sophisticated merchants deserve a sophisticated site search, with
no development, no integration and no maintenance

shopify search

Delight Your Shoppers with a 100% Cloud-based Shopify Search App

InstantSearch+ delivers unmatched searching power through a fast, feature-rich hosted service.

Your customers will see rich, CDN-backed search results with the lowest possible latency.

shopify search

Stay Two Steps Ahead with AI & Natural Language Processing

Experience a self-learning search algorithm that continuously improves its accuracy through Artificial Intelligence, and fully supports Natural Language Processing (NLP) for complex queries.

shopify search

Help Shoppers Find It Faster with Rich Auto-Complete for Shopify

From the first character they type into the search box, our site search app engages your shoppers with real-time patented Auto-Complete, built especially for Shopify. Cut down on time and steps to conversion by driving direct clicks to a suggested product, category, query or promotion.

The Auto-Complete function is responsive and fully configurable: Flip a switch to choose between a vertical or horizontal dropdown

shopify search

Drive Incremental Sales through Big Data Product Recommendations

InstantSearch+ uses big data to decipher your customers’ intent and shopping behavior, presenting the most relevant results and product recommendations that increase the likelihood of conversion. This technique is used by Amazon to drive a 30% uplift in sales and revenue

Shopify Search with Unprecedented Merchandising Capabilities

InstantSearch+ relies on Artificial Intelligence to understand the intent behind your shoppers’ queries and improve the relevance of search results in your store. However, we recognize that you may want to prioritize the display of particular products over others, due to sales policy, revenue margin, an ongoing promotion, or stock surplus.

Our turnkey Shopify search app gives you unprecedented merchandising capabilities, so you can customize search results, auto-complete, product placement and recommendations to suit your objectives. Additionally, InstantSearch+ seamlessly and automatically integrates with your Shopify theme, saving you precious time on design and integration.

Custom Results

Determine which products are served first for popular search queries, and/or hide products according to your specific needs

Rule-Based Merchandising

InstantSearch+ for Shopify automatically combines visual, rule-based product placement and search data to optimize conversion for shoppers browsing your collections.
Merchandise in your collections is automatically sorted according to user intent. You can customize this by visually re-arranging products and setting rules.

Prioritized Results

Prioritized Results
Set rules for specific products to promote, demote, or hide per search keyword, season and geographic location.

shopify search
shopify site search

Smart Navigation – Right where it Counts

Smart Navigation improves conversion at crucial points, by displaying the most relevant products and filters across collection pages. Customers enjoy an improved shopping experience, whether they’re casually browsing or in full-on shopping mode

shopify site search

Understand your Customers with AI-based Synonyms

Your customers aren’t all the same, and they may use different words to describe the same thing. Sometimes, the words they use could be missing from your product name or description.

To help shoppers find the products they want, InstantSearch+ supports synonym queries. This way, you won’t miss out on selling a stroller just because a customer searched for a ‘pram’.

shopify site search
InstantSearch+ gathers analytics you can view in your personalized, easy-to-use dashboard.

You’ll gain these actionable insights about your Shopify store:

What your shoppers search for – and don’t search for

Your most converting keywords per product

Individuals’ shopping intent

What your customers aren’t finding

How site search impacts your conversion and bottom line

Have it Your Way with Self Service & Automation

InstantSearch+ was designed with merchants in mind, allowing for quick set up to achieve a beautiful, seamlessly integrated on-site search functionality.

Merchants can enjoy maximum flexibility to determine what their Shopify search results look like, and what they contain. Set up is fast and simple, with a series of switches to configure every detail. And unlike other premium search apps, InstantSearch+ can be up and running smoothly in your Shopify store in no-time.

For an even more customized experience, we support additional advanced configuration through CSS overrides, and the JS API. You can even develop a fully custom front-end search from scratch through the JSON API. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way to get the result you envisioned

shopify site search
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InstantSearch+ is an official technology partner of Shopify.
Rest assured, you’re in good hands

InstantSearch+ Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 6,000+ Shopify Stores Worldwide

Thousands of Shopify merchants and agencies trust InstantSearch+ for consistently relevant results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market.

The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too

InstantSearch+ is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

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