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InstantSearch+ Mobile gives your users a fast, friendly mobile search, and a no-headache web service for you.

All you have to do is to sign-up and insert our Mobile box into your mobile site template. InstantSearch+ Mobile will do the rest.

  • Automatically index your site
  • No more waits or full text typing for what they are looking for


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Features & Benefits

Lightning Fast Instant Search for Mobile Devices


100% Cloud-based, CDN-backed, product search results with the lowest possible latency


Search-as-you-type product names, descriptions, images, and prices from the first typed character

In search, speed is king. That’s why we make such a big deal of our lightning-fast service. Your users deserve it 

Fastest Instant Search for your Store

  • Cloud-based, CDN-backed, instant search results and product promotions
  • Serves everything, including images, from the cloud – does not load your server
  • Search-as-you-type drop-down results with images & price from the first typed character

Best Integrated Search Results Page

  • High relevancy results page that automatically integrates with your store
  • Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better
  • Integrated “Did you mean” in case your visitors misspell!

Advanced Product Search & Promotions for Expert eTrailers

  • Contextual product promotions based on what users type and what you want to promote
  • Suggestions based on your store catalog: products, attributes, categories, etc
  • Turbolinks allow you to link destination to non-product searches or search term synonyms

Product Quick View

  • Let customers zoom in on a product in a split second to get the exact information they need
  • Enhance your customer’s mobile shopping experience so that they don’t wait for product pages
  • Optimize further with Add-To-Cart to accelerate purchase and increase conversion

Optimized Real Time Search Suggestions

  • Popular Searches based on what other people type
  • History Searches based on what the visitor previously searched
  • Present concise content results in context – each one in a single line
  • Display results in context. i.e. Child Support in Family Law
  • Advanced word matching and typo correction
  • Advanced synonym dictionary. i.e. Address as in Get Directions

Analytics Dashboard to Help You Serve Your Users Better

  • Number of searches running in your store. What users are searching for. What users are not finding
  • How relevant are your search results? How many product, category and search suggests were chosen?
  • Configuration dashboard and controls to fine tune search configuration

Seamless Integration with Your Mobile Site

  • 2-minute installation

  • 100% pure JavaScript and CSS – no other embedded content

  • Pure additive goodness – does not break or replace your store’s original functionality

  • Everything is served from the cloud – no load on your server (We have already said that, but it is important to emphasize that your server would not be impacted whatsoever)

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