Natural Language Search

Help customers find exactly what they want using natural language. The semantic search algorithm understands which word is a product or an attribute that is related to price or expression and returns precise results.

  • Improves relevance by understanding shoppers’ natural language queries
  • Increases accuracy by understanding shopper’s intent


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What Customers Are Saying

Features & Benefits

Accurate search using natural language

Automatic data enrichment

Get optimized search through long and complex queries

Improve search accuracy by understanding shopper’s intent

  • Shouldn’t your search be as easy as “red shoes under $100”? InstantSearch+ understands the contextual meaning and displays accurate results
  • Customers tend to be specific about what they want. With semantic search you can guarantee most relevant results no matter the length or complexity of the query
  • Ensure customers get the desired result in minimum searches

Semantic Search – How It Works

  • InstantSearch+ can automatically enrich product data based on product semantics
  • Users search for relevant content in your store, using complex, long queries
  • Semantic search understands natural language queries,  and finds best results
  • Customers get both precise and error-free results in no time!