Online Visual Merchandising

InstantSearchPlus Online Visual Merchandising feature allows you to target global customers with different offerings, offer valuable recommendations and drive visitors to the products you want them to purchase.

Not only does merchandising help to increase revenue and AOV, it also help to provide a personalised experience to your customer, and increase customers loyalty by encourage them to revisit your store.


online visual merchandising

Features & Benefits

Adapt quickly on-the-fly to trends or seasonality

A holiday is coming up? A lot of inventory you want to get rid off? New products you want to push? Now you can control how your products and search results will appear to your shopper.

Stay in control

InstantSearch+ Merchandising rules allow you to promote, bury or hide specific products according to your store needs. You can promote specific terms, categories, product recommendations and more.

Visual drag & drop feature

Online Merchandising is easy thanks to our unique drag & drop feature that allows you to determine which product will be first to display and which will be hidden. Within a matter of minutes your merchandising team can customize the site’s look and feel to fit your marketing goals.

Create merchandising rules

Create Merchandising rules to automatically determine which categories will be promoted ahead of others. Follow InstantSearch+ robust analytic reporting to monitor your shoppers’ behaviour and decide which products will be pinned to the top and which will be pushed down.

Optimize your product placement

Get instant control over how your products are placed and presented to your customers. Be it a new product line, seasonal promotion, new collection, or different geolocation – you are in control.

  • Set where products are placed per popular search query
  • Target different geos with different offerings
  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customers’ queries

Merchandising for Merchandisers

Determine which products will be featured on the collection pages.
Now, site owners and merchandising teams can benefit from:

  • Multiple and restricted user access to the Merchandising tab
  • Ability to work simultaneously on different collections
  • Control how the collection will be displayed