BigData Product Recommendations

Amazon makes about 30% incremental revenue from product recommendations. Now, you can get a revenue uplift as well, using product recommendations based on Big Data analysis of user’s behavior and intent.

  • Based on big data analysis of actual shoppers behavior and intent in real time
  • Generates additional purchases both on product and cart pages
  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking widget to your page


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What Customers Are Saying

Features & Benefits

Big Data Product Recommendations Uplifting Your Sales


Based on Real Users’ Behavior and Intent in Your Store


Continuously learning and improving Click-Through-Rate

One-click integration of customizable widget to your pages

Advanced Shopper Experience

  • Rotating, sharp-looking product recommendations
  • Offer related-products that matches shopper’s intent
  • Boosts repeat visits, larger orders, and incremental sales


Customizable Widget & Value Proposition

  • Horizontal or vertical widget for Product or Cart pages
  • Set your own value proposition to shoppers (i.e. “We may recommend…”)
  • Responsive design for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

BigData Product Recommendations – How It Works

  • InstantSearch+ collects shopper’s viewing, navigation, search, and purchase behvaior
  • Using BigData analysis, InstantSearch+ recommends related products in real time
  • Shoppers reaction to recommendations is taken into account to continuously improve the model

One-Click Integration with Your Store

  • 1-click installation

  • 100% pure JavaScript and CSS – no other embedded content

  • Pure additive goodness – does not break or replace anything in your store’s pages

  • Everything is served from the cloud – no load on your server (We have already said that, but it is important to emphasize that your server would not be impacted whatsoever)

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