From A Graduation Trip into a Multimillion-Dollar Ecommerce Empire

  • Industry:
  • Location:
    CA, USA
  • Platform:
    Shopify Plus
  • 18.11%
    Average conversion rate since installing InstantSearch+
  • 2X
    Shoppers who use search on the site are more than twice as likely to make a purchase
  • 24%
    Search is responsible for more than 24% of the store’s revenue

Griffin Thall

CEO / Co-Founder

Having used other site search solutions in the past, the move to InstantSearch+ gives visitors to my site a super fast autocomplete experience and a results page that not only has the right items but also any blog posts associated with what they’re looking for.
I have to say the service is epic! We had very specific style requirements and the Support team delivered in days

About Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets was founded in 2010 when co-founders Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman were on vacation in Costa Rica. After meeting local artisans selling handmade bracelets, they saw an opportunity to start a business that would give back to communities both in Costa Rica and the U.S. Today, the bracelets are worn by millions of people around the world and their artisan community has expanded from Costa Rica to El Salvador, India, and more.

Pura Vida Bracelets Challenges

Managing an ever growing number of SKUs
Need for a smart recommendation to suggest relevant products
Integrate a solution that will fit specific style requirements


Seamless integrated on-site search

With an ever growing number of SKUs, Pura Vida relies on InstantSearch+, a powerful on-site search tool, to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for instantly. Importantly, InstantSearch+ also helps Pura Vida boost conversion rates by making real-time product recommendations as visitors are searching for items.

Here’s what InstantSearch+ looks like on Pura Vida’s site; notice the visitor hasn’t finished typing, yet InstantSearch+ is already making multiple recommendations:

Relevant, Self-Learning & Lightning-Fast Site Search

InstantSearch+ helps Pura Vida make smart recommendations by leveraging its search algorithm that analyzes user search behavior over time to auto-complete user searches and suggest more relevant searches and products.

Besides making what it calls “Amazon-like” site search recommendations, InstantSearch+’s drop-down menu also allows users to filter their searches or select “popular searches” to see items others have recently looked for.


Between January and March 2017, visitors to Pura Vida’s site have conducted more than 182,000 searches that have yielded the following results:

  • The average conversion rate since installing InstantSearch+ from search users is 18.11%, more than double that of non-search users (7.75%)
  • Shoppers who use search on the site are more than twice as likely to make a purchase
  • Search is responsible for more than 24% of the store’s revenue
InstantSearch+ is used by over 500,000 merchants worldwide

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