Search User Experience

What is the best search box placement for mobile?

The best search box placement for mobile will be a fixed position, always open, easy to find box in the center top of your site’s navigation bar. If due to design limitations it cannot be placed there then the upper right- or left-hand corners generally opposite your logo will be your second choice.
The reason it’s critical to get this right is that; typically, up to 30% of your visitors will use your on-site search box to help them find what they are looking for.

How many search results per page?

The optimum number of results returned per page is going to be 4. The reasons are; people are conditioned by the search engines to see this number. Having more than this per page will affect loading times on mobile. Plus, a set number per page makes it easier for the search engine spiders and bots to find and categorize your results and pages.
If you have less than 10 total results you can still set your parameters to allow 10 per page and if you add more it will automatically go to the next page at number 11 and onwards.
With too many results per page, visitors, more so mobile users, begin to get lost in all the scrolling, and it simply makes it more difficult for them to decide by being given too many choices.
When they do go beyond page one, they can also more easily remember where their other favorite choices were and navigate back to them to add them to their cart.

What are some examples of internal search UX best practices?

  1. Place your search bar at the top of your site, with a prompt such as ‘How can we help?’ to stimulate high-intent, converting queries.
  2. Attract attention to the search field by contrasting it against other features, e.g. a white search field on a black header.
  3. Make the search field as wide as possible to encourage longer queries associated with user intent.
  4. Enable advanced internal search features such as autocomplete and synonym support.