Email Marketing


What is email marketing and why is it so important?

Email marketing involves subscribing potential customers to your email list by offering them something of high perceived value in exchange for their email address and permission to send them updates and offers.
Email marketing is the only traffic source that you truly own, without a scale limit, where both existing and potential customers can be exposed to messaging.

Why should I use email marketing?

Reasons you should utilize email marketing include:

  1. For every $1 invested, companies see an average of $38 in ROI.
  2. E-mails are a way to build a relationship with subscribers, and nurture trust, which can dramatically enhance long-term loyalty and profitability.
  3. E-mail enables you to repeatedly market to the same customer base without incurring additional ad costs.
  4. E-mail enhances mobile reach – 88% of smartphone users actively check their emails on their devices.


What is email segmentation?

Proper email segmentation is separating your email marketing list into groups – or ‘segments’ – categorized by interests or behavior, within your niche. This allows you to deliver personalized messaging more likely to interest each segment. For Example: Among a group of pet lovers, you can identify a segment interested in puppy training, and ensure they receive relevant information, products and services they desire – boosting both retention and acquisition sales.

What is the recommended email marketing software for small businesses?

Small businesses should definitely invest in e-mail marketing software to ensure deliverability and to best manage their subscriber lists.
Here are user-friendly and cost-friendly options for small business owners launching e-mail marketing programs:

  1. Aweber
  2. Constant Contact
  3. MailChimp
  4. Drip
  5. ConvertKit


How to create an email newsletter?

E-mail is one of the highest ROI-yielding marketing channels. Once you have a solid database of subscribers, reach out to them periodically via e-mail to communicate news, promotions or other content. Here are 5 simple steps to creating an email newsletter:

  1. Uncover your readers’ biggest problems through surveys, quizzes or by simply asking them.
  2. Write content that aims to solve your readers’ problems.
  3. Encourage your readers to use your product or service as a solution to a common problem.
  4. Before hitting “send”, ensure the e-mail includes a clear opt-out option (unsubscribe), text readable on any device, accurate links and hosted images (under 100KB optimally).
  5. Deliver your newsletter through a reputable e-mail service provider to reduce the chances of landing in spam.