User-Generated Organic SEO Landing Pages

Get high-quality organic search traffic to your site through auto-generated SEO landing pages. Indexed by Google and Bing, these landing pages are organic eCommerce SEO addition to your site, capturing long tail queries.

  • Automatically creates landing pages based on popular user searches on your site
  • Elevates your store’s organic visibility to search engines through product SEO
  • Creates opportunity for related product, searches, and purchases


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What Customers Are Saying

Features & Benefits

User-Generated Organic SEO is Capturing Traffic For Your Store


Creates eCommerce SEO Optimized Landing Pages Ranked by Google and Bing


Generates mass of unique landing pages tailored to real users intent

Boosts traffic for long-tail searches used by your visitors

Organic Product SEO Based on Real Users Intent

  • Based on real users activity in your store
  • Extremely relevant for other visitors
  • Valuable content to be indexed by Google and Bing

Continuously Improving eCommerce SEO

  • Adapts to trends or seasonality
  • Entirely automatic and does not require your attention
  • Contains valuable meta-data for search engines

User Generated SEO – How It Works

  • Users search for relevant content in your store, using relevant keywords
  • InstantSearch+ automatically creates landing pages based on above user searches and keywords
  • Search engines, such as Google, index the landing pages, thereby creating organic search results
  • Shoppers search on Google and get directed to the landing pages in your store
  • In addition to the actual results, you get an opportunity to offer them related products

One-Click Integration with Your Store

  • 1-click integration

  • 100% pure JavaScript and CSS – no other embedded content

  • Pure additive goodness – does not break or replace anything in your store’s SEO

  • Increases Organic SEO traffic to your store

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